Import/Export Declaration, Risk Management, and Reference Programs

CPS-C (CS Version)

Customs Pass - CS

Our self-developed customs system constructs and systematically manages
clients’ material master information in preparation for the risk of recurring
and cumulative declaration errors. Hence, the system can improve the task
efficiency and accuracy by minimizing errors through verifications prior to

Functions in Detail :

  • Master Data upload and management
  • Real-time comparison and analysis
    with Master Data for each
    import/export declaration
  • Minimize declaration errors and
    improve accuracy
  • Prior Verification (before import
  • Post analysis function
  • Prompt and accurate import/export
    declaration with various additional
    options customized to clients’ needs
CPS-W (Web Version)

Customs Pass - Web

Through web-connection, the person in charge in client company can inquire the customs clearance history, costs, material information, requirement information, FTA performances, and statistical status in real time. It is a bilateral web-based system that allows a comprehensive customs management, from customs clearance to shipping and the documents thereof by a single tool.

Functions in Detail :

  • Management by Item (HS, price, T/P,
    accounts, tariff rate, import
    requirements, overall management
    of related info, etc.)
  • Real time inquiry on import/export
    declaration status
  • Inquiry on freight transportation status and information
  • Cost management and accountancy by
    B/L and by item
  • Compilation of import/export
  • Various statistics
CPS-SAS (Analysis Program)

Automatic Analysis Program for the Legality of Customs Clearance

An advanced assessment program that automatically analyzes risks for the legality
of each fields of customs clearance, and calculates the projected tax amount.

Functions in Detail :

  • Automatic RISK analysis of 8 fields of customs clearance legality
    (Customs Value, Item Classification,
    Requirements, FTA, Tax Reductions, Freight, Insurance, Customs Refund, etc.)
  • Automatic filtering of item code and overseas account
  • REPORT of statistics and analysis
HS PASS (Website)

HS PASS (Website)

A reference website with the latest customs and trade information including Tariff
Schedule, Regulations, HS Classification Precedents and more.

Functions in Detail :

  • Tariff Schedule search
    (tariff rate, customs verification
    applicability, country of origin mark
    requirements, etc. for each HS CODE)
  • Regulatory Information on Items
    subject to import/export requirements,
    and the details thereof
  • HS Code Classification precedent
    Rulings by ‘Customs Valuation and
    Classification Institute’
  • Information on customs reduction/
    exemption and customs refund
  • Latest statutes related to customs
    and trade

Major Consulting Cases

A Customized System for Clients’ Needs

Electronic company E,
Medical Device Company C, etc.
Integrated customs clearance
  • Import/Export clearance status lookup and
  • Import/Export/Shipping Documents
  • Timeline Management for delays
    in declaration or carry-out
  • Customs clearance lead-time management
Luxury goods company F, G, Medical Device
Company A, and etc.
balancing system
  • Input of additional costs, Automated
    proportional distribution of additional
    costs by items
  • Issue of account statement and related
  • Systemize previous manual
    management book
Consumer goods company S,
Food Company N, and etc
management system
  • Import/Export Requirement Information
    management by items (manufacturer, manu-
    facturing country, description, etc.)
  • Management of the Requirements such as
    KC Certification, Korean Labeling, etc. by
Company G
Bonded factory Inventory
management system
  • Management of order and arrival notice
  • Carry-in, inventory management, etc.
    of each item in bonded factories
  • Management of surplus goods in bonded
    factory, inland works, temporary storage of
    goods not in bonded factory
Electronic Company S, Consumer
goods company S, and many more
  • Review reducible tax amount through FTA
    preferential tariff application/non-application
    by item
  • REPORT on FTA application status
  • Management of items applicable for post ap- plication of FTA preferential tariff

* General (default) functions : Real-time customs clearance status check, customs clearance data and cost management, product or item information management