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SEIN provides specialized solutions for customs appeals and protests based on our expertise
in the customs industry and the performance of a number of appeals and protests.

Service Scope

  • An agency service for appeals against
    disposition of the Customs such as
    examination request and adjudication request
  • Provision of a differentiated response
    logic through a number of cases
    and experiences
  • Provision of opinion statement and
    assistance in stating opinions during
    the process of appeal and protest
※ MOU with Custom-Specialized Law Firm :
Provision of consultation through an advisory lawyer with specialized legal expertise
and abundant experiences in the customs industry

Service Features and Advantages

01 Reasonable and Strategic Response Strategy

  • TFT consists of experts from each customs field does its best from
    pre-taxation deliberation, reinvestigation request, examination request,
    and adjudication request, to close of the case

02 Strategic Alliance with Law Firm by Case

  • Use of strategic alliance system to respond to administrative
    litigation after administrative adjudication.

Consulting Cases

  • Appeal on item classification of Hall IC (partially accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on country of origin verification of import goods
    under KOR-US FTA (accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on import quota (accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on taxation of production assist costs in customs
    valuation (accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on direct transportation principle for APTA
    (partially accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on GSP collection and taxation of production
    assist costs (partially accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on taxation of production assist cost in bonded
    factory (accepted)
    Campany O
  • Appeal on taxation issue with item classification (accepted)
    Campany O