Increase the Efficiency
of Import and Export
with SEIN

To increase the efficiency in the import and export process, we focus on how to utilize the FTA preferential tariff for our clients.

Our goal is not to sell a stereotypical FTA consulting service, but to customize all tasks according to the level and needs of our
clients, and ultimately to streamline the import and export process of our clients.

Service Scope

  1. 01
    Origin Certification
    • Issue of Certificate of Origin
    • Issue of Certificate of
      Originating Status and
      Origin Verification Questionnaire
  2. 02
    Approved Exporter
    • Acquisition of Customs
      Approved Registered Exporter
      and Customs Approved
      Registered Exporter by Item
    • Establishment of FTA
      Manual, and Job Training
  3. 03
    Country of Origin
    Management for
    • Evaluate and verify country
      of origin for suppliers
    • Receive and review Certificate
      of Originating Status, and
      Perform integrated trainings
  4. 04
    Country of Origin
    • Respond to on-site and
      document verification of
      country of origin from domestic
      and foreign customs office
    • Perform mock on-site
      country of origin verification
  5. 05
    Country of Origin
    Management System
    • Establishment of ERP associated
      country of origin management
  6. 06
    FTA Consultation
    • Establish strategies for meeting
      country of origin criteria, and
      consultation on improving
      import/export process
    • Support in FTA document
    • Support in Customs service
      for FTA
  7. 07
    Overseas Projects
    • Develop FTA utilization business
      model for foreign factories
    • Request authoritative
      Rulings to foreign customs

SEIN’s Consulting / FTA Team

Service Features and Advantages

01 Abundant and Diverse
Experiences in FTA Projects

Almost all types of FTA projects – such as
country of origin electronic system
establishment, country of origin management
outsourcing for large corporates, Customs
Approved Registered Exporters, issuance
of country of origin certificate, responding to
country of origin verification from domestic
and foreign customs service, foreign
FTA projects, and etc. - has been successfully
carried out by us. In addition, various FTA issues
received from our clients in various industries
during customs clearance procedures make
us keep updated with the latest FTA issues
and ultimately enables us to provide the best
outcome for our clients.

02 Professional Consultants

FTA consultants with sufficient field
experience can provide the best solutions
for our clients. Our consultants are comprised
of experts who have experienced various
customs-related practices such as customs
clearance, customs refund, audits,
investigations and more. Through FTA
consultations and job trainings, we are
recognized for our expertise from major FTA
institutions including the Korea Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, Korea International
Trade Association, and KOTRA. In recognition
of our expertise, we received a Minister Award
from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

03 Integrated export-import
connection service

We think about the efficiency of export and
import business using FTA. In conjunction
with our FTA consultants, as well as our
customs clearance team, customs refund
laboratory, and HS laboratory, we help our
clients accurately diagnose and analyze the
issues and ultimately gain the most benefit
from FTA.

Consulting Cases

SEIN’s FTA team has conducted FTA consultations in various industries including automobile, auto parts,
machinery and industrial facilities, electric and electronics, textiles, chemicals, metals, medical devices, foods,
general trading companies, and more. Our FTA team is renowned as a FTA leader in our industry.

Services Major performance
FTA system
  • Foreign automobile company O - FTA Compliance System
  • 00 auto parts companies – consultation on the establishmen of FTA system
  • Chemical company O – consultation on the ERP connected FTA system
FTA consultation
  • Global electronic company O – regular FTA consultation
  • Petrochemistry company O - regular FTA consultation
  • 0 auto part companies – regular FTA consultation
Country of Origin
  • 0 auto part companies, medical device companies, and textile companies - country of origin certificate issuance
Approved Exporter
  • 00 auto part companies, machinery companies, electric and electronic companies, food companies, medical device
    companies, and general trading companies – acquisition of Customs Approved Registered Exporter
Country of Origin
  • Company O - Completion of the first U.S. Customs Service's country of origin verification on a completed vehicle
  • Company O – completion of proetst against U.S. Customs Service’s country of origin verification
  • 00 cases of country of origin verification of Chile, ASEAN, EU, EFTA, US, and China
  • Company O – partial quotation of Adjudication Requests for GSP customs tax collection and omission of Production Assist Costs
  • Company O – partial quotation of adjudication request for APTA principle of direct transportation
  • Company O – amendment of country of origin in US Customs Service
Foreign Projects
  • Automobile company O – item classification consulting in US Customs Service
  • Company O – consulting on establishment of factory in china, FTA, and local logistics
  • Company O – on-site FTA consultation for a local factory in Vietnam
Government Business
  • Korea International Trade Association – OK FTA consulting and China Desk (2015~2018)
  • KOTRA – lecture on automobile business and FTA, and FTA teaching material production (2014 ~ 2017)
  • Topic presentation on the 46th APTA Standing Committee (2015)
  • Topic presentation in KOR-CHINA FTA presentation hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy – the Korea Chamber
    of Commerce, (2015)