SEIN provides
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solution for
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To accurately and perfectly respond to the intensifying non-tariff barriers, SEIN’s quarantine & requirements consultants,
consisting of the nation’s top experts, will guide you with an accurate and ideal solution.

The Need for Import and Export Certification Consulting

A Minimum Safeguard for
Import and Export Trade
Import products that are closely
related to national health and social
safety of our country are subject to
permissions and approvals by each
item pursuant to the individual law.
For cases where importer or exporter
fails to comply with the regulations
when importing or exporting goods,
the Korean Government has
prepared a safeguard for import and
export in individual laws.
Reinforcement of
Non-Tariff Barriers
With the revision of the Customs
Enforcement Checklist on April 19,
2018, about 120 items have been
added to the list, resulting total of
more than 7,300 items required to
be checked at the Customs
Enforcement stage. The expansion of
FTA lowers the tariff barriers in
Korea, while non-tariff barriers such
as checking import and export
requirements for goods
directly related to national health
and social safety are gradually
strengthening. Hence, it is very
important to check the import and
export requirement system for
importers and exporters when
importing and exporting goods.
Vast and Professional
Individual Laws
The integrated public notification
combines about 60 individual
statutes, items, import and export
requirements and procedures,
revisions, etc. submitted by the
heads of the relevant administrative
institutions. The head of Ministry of
Trade, Industry and Energy
integrated their export and import
tips and announced them in the
integrated public notification. The
content is so vast and professional
that it takes a professional help for
the public to understand and comply with it.

SEIN listens to the difficulties of verifying the requirements from our clients and took the lead in solving the difficulties
in interpreting individual laws, representing import and export permissions and quarantine services, and conducting
follow-up management through professional consulting.

Service Scope

Stage Details
  • Review of each item subject to permission or quarantine according to individual laws
  • Review of applicability for exemption of permission or quarantine
Adequacy Review
by items
  • Review of items subject to individual laws (Review of integrated public notice and individual laws)
  • Analysis of HS Code Classification (Check goods subjet to Customs Verification of Clearance Requirements)
  • Confirmation of process for Import and Export permission and quarantine, and notification for required document and expected lead time thereof
  • Notification of the cautions when importing or exporting in accordance with each individual law
  • Application for Rulings to each individual institutions when necessary for post risk management
  • Representation of permission approval and quarantine services
  • Representation of Customs Verification of Clearance Requirements (verification of the same model, expected standard
    clearance report, etc.)
  • Representation of application for exemption, and follow-up managements after exemptions
Follow-up Management
  • Integrated management of permission, approval, and quarantine results
  • Representation service for Audits from Customs and other individual institutions
  • Master File Organization
  • Reflect on CPS System to review the clearance status in real time

SEIN’s Management

Service Features and Advantages

The First and the Best Quarantine & Requirements Experts in the Nation
  • Strong manpower with experts of more than 15 years of work experience from each industry
  • Abundant experience in various industries such as Foods, Cosmetics, Medical devices, Electronic devices,
    IT, automobile, textiles, industrial goods, etc.
  • Synergetic connection with customs clearance through resident services from Incheon and Busan, the main ports of entry
Cooperative System with Individual Institutions
  • Cooperative system with individual institutions for a prompt representation service
  • Prompt resolve of issues with our advisory group consisting of former high-ranking officials
    of related institutions (KCS, Customs, and other individual institutions)
Pre-check by Certified Customs Agents
  • Pre-check the availability of import requirements, related procedures, and other necessary matters through reviewing permission
    and quarantine subjects, and their exemptions for each item pursuant to individual laws
  • Certified Customs Agents support HS CODE classification and the interpretation of individual laws, and perform accurate
    certification work through Authoritative Rulings from related individual institutions.
Efficiency in Import and Export Support
  • Reduction of customs clearance risk by streamlining the certification work with customs clearance work
  • Availability of a close support from TFT composed of advisory body and certified customs agents in cases of audits and inspections