Item Classification

With SEIN’s HS laboratory, we offer systematic and specialized HS classification solutions.

Service Scope

  1. 01

    HS Code classification and
    provision of item classification
    opinion report

  2. 02

    Application for Advance
    Classification Ruling to
    Customs Valuation and
    Classification Institute

  3. 03

    Database establishment of
    various item classification
    cases and classification results
    management using SEIN’s own

  4. 04

    Make an inquiry to
    WCO on controversial

  5. 05

    Apply for an authoritative
    interpretation on item
    classification to foreign

SEIN’s Classification Team

To provide a professional solution for our clients on issues in item classification,
SEIN’s HS Laboratory consisting of the nation’s top item classification experts is in operation at all times.

Service Features and Advantages

  1. 01

    Expertise from abundant work experience

    • Led by the nation’s top experts (former researcher from Central
      Customs Laboratory and Scientific Service and Head of Analysis
      Department in Main Customs)
    • Consists of Certified Customs Agents with industry-specific
      expertise and abundant working experience
    • Capable of global projects including application for authoritative
      interpretation on item classification to foreign Customs
  2. 02

    Close Cooperation System with Institutions

    • Systematic responses through operation of branches nearby
      Customs Valuation and Classification Institute and Central Customs Laboratory and Scientific Service
    • Retainment of experts from Central Customs Laboratory and Scientific Service
  3. 03

    Systemized Industry-Specific Item
    Classification Databsase

    • Database management of item classification data and classification
      grounds using CPS(Customs Clearance Management Program)
    • Operation of real time item classification inquiry and reply system
      between certified customs agents and clients
    • Minimization of customs clearance risk through analysis on domestic
      and international item classification cases
  4. 04

    Post-Management of Item Classification

    • Follow-up management when issues arises such as Public Notifica-
      tion on Item Classification Revision
    • Follow-up management in conjunction with customs clearance,
      customs refund, FTA, requirement verification, and customs audits.

Consulting Cases

  • Retention of 0 billion won customs benefits by recognition of
    the client’s claim through Tariff Classification Committee ->
    Ministry of Economy and Finance -> World Customs
    Organization, regarding country of origin determination
    Chemical Company O
  • Completion of Advance Classification Ruling from U.S.
    Customs and Border Protection for 000 main parts
    Automobile company O
  • Provision of item classification manual on main parts
    Automobile company O
  • Defense on 00billion customs tax collection due to erroneous
    item classification, by deriving the notice of the change
    in the item classification
    Electronic company O
  • Refund of 000million won by claiming rectification in
    accordance with the Public Notification on Item
    Classification Revision
    Food company O
  • Securing consistency in item classification through
    verification of consistency with global HS CODE
    Machinery company O
  • Customs reduction of 000million won by consulting on FTA
    preferential tariff applicability
    Industrial Facilities Company O