SEIN provides
differentiated services.

For the first time in the field, SEIN formed Customs Refund Team of experts to provide differentiated services through
years of work know-how and numerous refund consulting.
With the help of SEIN’s customs refund specialized consultants, you can eliminate the risk of additional tariff collection for
overly refunded items in advance, and discover potential under refunded items to maximize the profit of your company.

Service Scope

  • Establishment of Customs Refund Process
  • Individual Refund and Simplified Fixed
    Amount Refund Application
  • Refund for Goods Different from Contract
    Terms Application
  • Application for Issuance of Certificate of Tax
    Payment on Basic Raw Materials and Certificate
    of Split tax payment on basic raw materials
  • Yield Ratio Calculation Method Consulting,
    and Calculation Adequacy Review
  • Adequacy of By-product Deduction Review
  • Adequacy of Public Notification Revision Review
  • Consult and Pre-assess the Adequacy of Refund
  • Consulting on Corporate Audit and Yield
    Ratio Post Audit
  • Consulting on Customs Refund System
  • Consulting on Increasing Customs
    Refund Amount
  • Consulting on Yield Ratio Pre-Audit

SEIN’s Customs Refund Team

Our Customs Refund Laboratory enables upgraded customs
refund services and differentiated consulting services.

Service Features and Advantages

01 The first and the best customs
refund team in the nation

  • The nation’s first team to form a task
    force specializing in customs refund,
    by combining high-quality manpower from
    accumulated work experience and expertise
    from the operation of customs refund
  • Carried out a number of industry-specific
    projects to increase customs refund
    amount and to examine yield adequacy
  • Execution of SELF-AUDIT for customs
    refund application data by year

02 The first customs refund IT
solution establishment and
operation in the nation

  • Accurate customs refund through our
    self-developed Drawback Management
  • Customized customs refund module
    service reflecting our clients’ demand

03 Higher efficiency with
import and export support

  • Automatic refund data generation and error
    risk management through linkage with
    Customs Clearance Management System
  • Consultation at all times on various refund
    issues by certified customs agents
    specialized in customs refund

Consulting Cases

  • Additional refund of 00billion won by additional refund
    discovering project
    Food company O
  • Establishment of customs refund process by calculating yield
    ratio calculation for joint products and by-product deduction ratio
    Chemical company O
  • Establishment of customs refund system for the application
    of revised public notification
    Automobile company O
  • Additional refund of 00billion won through consulting on the
    change of yield ratio calculation method
    Material company O
  • Additional refund of omitted refund 00billion won by reviewing
    yield ratio adequacy
    Material company O
  • Improvement in customs refund process by modifying
    the erroneous yield ratio calculation
    Semiconductor company O
  • Additional refund of 00billion won by improving the process of
    certificate of tax payment on basic raw materials and certificate
    of split tax payment on basic raw materials
    Electronic company O