Professional Customs and Trade Education

In order to strengthen our clients’ business ability, SEIN regularly provides professional and practical education
in trade, import and export customs clearance, FTA, AEO, foreign exchange, and customs audits.
At the request of our clients, we also provide on-site trainings, conducted by SEIN’s experienced Certified Customs Agents.

  • Basic Education

    Regular education programs (4-6 times/year) for our clients on
    import/export customs clearance, customs duty refund, FTA,
    foreign exchange, etc.

  • Customized Education

    Customized training programs: in-depth trainings for managers,
    basic trainings for new employees, etc. Specific trainings and risk
    management trainings available upon clients’ requests.

  • Core Competencies Education

    Regular seminar and meetings to inform trends
    and issues in trade industry

  • Online Education

    Online lectures focusing on practical information from renowned
    professionals in the nation.