focuses on the basics
to provide the best services!

SEIN offers a specialized 24-hour nationwide customs clearance service by integrating our consulting know-hows in various
industries and our self-developed custom risk management system, built on our solid fundamentals.

Service Scope

  1. 01

    Import Clearance,
    Export Clearance

  2. 02

    Preparation and provision of
    Standard Operating Procedure
    (SOP) for customs clearance

  3. 03

    Development and provision of
    a web system for customs
    clearance, transportation, and
    balance adjustment

  4. 04

    Representation of submission of
    documents to Customs, Customs
    Audits, and temporary openings
    of Customs.

  5. 05

    Declaration of provisional
    dutiable values and final
    dutiable values

  6. 06

    Application for Prior Examination
    of Methods for Determining
    Dutiable Value, Prior Examination
    of Tariff Classification Applied to
    Specific Goods, and Advance
    Rulings on Origins

  7. 07

    Consultation on reductions,
    securities and payments of
    customs tax

  8. 08

    Representation and Consultation
    on import and export
    requirements, and Consultation
    on strategic goods

  9. 09

    Declaration of consumption and
    use for Duty-Frees, and Issuance
    of Certificate of carried-in goods

  10. 10

    Domestic transportation and
    storage connection service

  11. 11

    Adequacy review and
    representation of maintenance
    or supplementary works of
    country of origin description
    by items

  12. 12

    Correction of import and export
    declaration, Appeal for
    unreasonable customs clearance
    error score, and management of
    compliance degree

  13. 13

    Provision of monthly
    customs clearance

  14. 14

    Provision of opinion on customs
    clearance law, and application
    for Authoritative Rulings from
    related institutions

  15. 15

    Provision of regular webzines on
    customs trend and revision of
    related laws

  16. 16

    Provision of On the Job Training
    (OJT) service

SEIN’s Customs Clearance Team

Service Features and Advantages

  1. 01

    Systematic and Specialized Manpower

    • The first mover in customs corporations to organize the teams by
      export, import and refund to strengthen each customs clearance
    • 5 Head Offices and 15 directly managed branches at major ports
      and industrial complexes nationwide enable a systematic and
      consistent customs clearance service anywhere in the country
      in real time.
    • Specialized customs TFTs organized by industries enable
      customized and specialized customs clearance services with a
      high level of understanding in the industry.
    • Specialized solutions can be provided with strategic
      case-by-case approach by our advisory committee composed
      of former Korea Customs Service officers and nationwide
      Customs officers with support from CS Team, HS laboratory,
      and customs refund laboratory in Seoul headquarter.
  2. 02

    Prompt and accurate customs clearance service
    supported by our own CPS system

    • The Customs Pass System, which enables integrated management
      of customs clearance, transportation, and settlement management,
      developed by SEIN’s IT team, operates real time in our headquarter,
      head offices and branches nationwide to provide prompt and
      accurate customs clearance services
    • Development of a document management system “Docu-One” to
      support a paperless business environment, and shipping document
      management system to enhance the convenience and satisfaction
      of our clients.
  3. 03

    Pre-diagnosis and Post-management process
    before and after customs clearance

    • Operate risk diagnosis process based on consulting know-hows
    • Review on HS Code Classification, Adequacy of Dutiable Value, FTA and
      Customs Refund Adequacy, Import and Export Requirements, Strategic
      Materials, and other regulatory requirements
    • Minimize the risk of errors with Customs Risk Management System
      developed by SEIN IT team
    • Thorough Post-Management in import duty reductions and
      exemptions, unloaded shipments, re-exportation report, etc.
    • Operate Law Compliance Management Program, integrating error
      analysis and pre-diagnosis for Customs Audits by analyzing customs
      clearance data regularly
  4. 04

    Import and Export Logistics Integration Service

    • With our affiliate SEIN TNL, a streamlined customs clearance service,
      integrating import transportation, bonded warehouses, and 3PL
      services is available
    • With our import and export certification team, required quarantines,
      certifications, and other verifications by relevant individual laws can
      be cleared promptly