Country of Origin Marking Consulting

A Comprehensive
Solution from Marking
Consultation to Label
Manufacture and
Supplementary Works!

SEIN provides advanced consultations, responding to reinforced management and supervision on inappropriate
country of origin markings, apply as an agent for authoritative interpretation on inappropriate and misleading descriptions
of country of origin, and carry out on-site inspections.

Service Scope and Process

  • Examine the status of origin marking
    for each import/export item
  • Guide for interpretation of country of
    origin regulations
  • Exchange opinions after reviewing
    origin markings
  • Process on-site self-examination
  • Categorize types of breach of origin
    markings (non-description of country
    of origin, misleading description of
    country of origin, or false description
    of country of origin)
  • Provide guidelines for proper origin
    marking for each product
  • Provide trainings for workers or
    company-wide education
  • Apply for Ruling request for advanced
    confirmation of origin markings
  • Represent supplementary works for
    origin markings and provide cost-saving
  • Provide real-time consultaion by
    customs brokers specialized in
    country of origin
  • Respond to Customs audit when
    caught for breach of origin marking
  • Establish a response strategy and
    guidance for post origin verification
  • Assist for handling government
    agencies and deliver opinions for
    regulation amendment