SEIN delivers a
differentiated customs
risk management
solutions with numerous
audit experiences!

Through SELF AUDIT, customs risk factors related to customs compliance shall be analyzed in advance and the status of import and export customs
clearance and foreign exchange management of the company are identified to find the most appropriate countermeasures against future customs audits.
SELF AUDIT is a risk management consulting service of customs compliance that implements the best customs strategy
by improving the customs process of the client.

Service Scope

  1. 01
    Dutiable Value
  2. 02
    Item Classification
  3. 03
    Foreign Exchange
  4. 04
    Customs Refund
  5. 05
  6. 06
  7. 07
  8. 08
    Country of Origin
  • Pre-assessment on customs risk factors on customs compliance,
    and seek countermeasures in advance
  • Develop response and exemption logics for issues
  • Company-wide sharing of SELF AUDIT results for
    a more effective response to future customs audits
  • Improvement of clients’ working processes and regular
    post managements

Service Process

Service Features and Advantages

SEIN’s TFT composed of the best experts of each area manages possible risks of clients

  • A customized TFT for each company composed of experts in each fields of customs valuation,
    item classification, foreign exchange, FTA, country of origin, etc.
  • Provision of a differentiated self-audit service through various experiences and know-hows in a number
    of industries such as food, retails, medical devices, electronics, IT, textiles, semi-conductors, medicals and many more.

A clear and concrete results through process of identification, analysis and response

Identification of Risks
  • collect clearance data and basic
    information in advance
  • collect clients’ demands
  • run a simulation of estimated
    risk factors
Analysis of possible risks
  • detect risks through analysis of
    clearance data and client information
  • determine risk management
  • priorities based on risk level
    develop response and exemption
Countermeasures for Risks
  • review detailed legal solutions
    for each risk
  • plan a specific action plan
    with client
  • set up risk management
    report / clearance master data

Minimize RISKS through an integration with SEIN’s risk management system and
clients’ customs clearance work

  • integrate the analysis results and SEIN’s CPS system, and reflect them in actual customs clearance to prevent post-risks.
  • share MASTER DATA with clients to regularly update the changes.
  • provide a customized system by connecting to client’s internal system.

Maximize customer satisfaction through a thorough follow-up management

  • assign exclusive CS customs agent to regularly manage risk factors in customs compliance
  • provide information on new tariff trends, revised regulations, and trade information in real time
  • promote knowledge enhancement of clients’ task force by regular work meetings
  • provide customized education in regular basis