SEIN can help
export companies
to strengthen their
utilizing bonded
factory system!

Despite many favorable benefits compared to customs refund system, many companies do not benefit from bonded factory system
due to low awareness and utilization of the system. Hence, SEIN provides assistance and consulting services for the conversion of
bonded factories.
By analyzing import/export and logistics structure, we analyze the costs and benefits of switching to bonded factory according
to the characteristics of each company, and propose the most efficient process. Therefore, companies can simplify the customs
clearance procedures, and reduce financial burden.

What is Bonded Factory?

Bonded factory is a licensed bonded area by the head of Customs for manufacturing
and processing of foreign goods and domestic goods as raw materials. Bonded factory system is one of
the main export support measures in customs with the customs refund system.

Foreign goods brought into the bonded factory can be exported and imported after
manufacturing and processing while the customs tax is reserved. Hence, exports can be promoted
by easing the financial burden on companies, and simplifying customs clearance procedures to enhance
international competitiveness of export goods.

Service Scope

  1. 01

    Analysis on actual benefits
    and customs tax reduction
    by operating bonded

  2. 02

    Consultation on acquiring
    license when switching
    to bonded factory

  3. 03

    Consultation on overall
    management of
    bonded factory