Foreign Exchange Consulting Service

SEIN delivers
solutions to the
reinforced foreign

Through a systematic analysis of complex and diverse types of foreign exchange transactions, we provide professional consulting service
in foreign exchange field by 1) consulting with the company’s mandatory obligations, 2) reviewing the issues in customs valuation through
analysis of foreign exchange data, 3) responding to foreign exchange inspections and investigations, and more.

Service Scope

  1. 01

    Consultation on major foreign
    exchange transaction
    declaration such as offset,
    third party payment and etc

  2. 02

    Consultation on procedures
    for declaration of capital

  3. 03

    Consultation of customs
    valuation by analyzing
    foreign exchange data

  4. 04

    Consultation on
    foreign exchange

  5. 05

    Consultation on foreign
    exchange audits

  6. 06

    Consultation on foreign
    exchange transactions for
    export and import