Our Distinctive ACVA Services
through Abundant Experiences in
Customs Valuation Consultings for
Various Foreign Companies

We provide support in every process from application to approval for the ACVA (Advance Customs Valuation Arrangement for transactions
between related parties), a system determining the customs value of imported goods in advance,
for transactions between related parties through mutual agreement between taxation authorities and taxpayers upon the application of taxpayers.

ACVA Benefits

  1. 01
    Deferment of customs
    duty investigation

    Customs duty investigation is deferred with
    respect to the dutiable value of the goods
    on which ACVA has been applied for, from
    the time of application to the time
    of approval. For 3 years from
    the time of approval, the declared
    value is accepted as the dutiable value.

  2. 02
    Improvement of Corporate

    ACVA approved firms are more competitive
    by earning trust from consumers and
    taxation authorities in the price of the
    imported goods.

  3. 04
    A shortcut to
    AEO Authorization

    ACVA approved firms can be authorized
    for AEO with ease. AEO authorization
    provides benefits such as quick customs
    clearance domestically and in foreign
    countries as well.

  4. 03
    Declaration of a provisional
    dutiable value and
    an exemption of additional
    duty (penalty tax)

    As any ACVA applicant can use
    theprovisional value declaration system
    from the date of ACVA application,
    the applicant will be exempt from additional
    duty if the dutiable value of goods is
    changed to the value approved by ACVA.

Major Points for ACVA

  1. 01 whether the special relationship has influenced
    the transaction price or not
  2. 02 whether the dutiable value determination method
    (one of the first to sixth method) applied for is valid or not
  3. 03 whether there are any factors of addition or deduction or not
  4. 04 whether the dutiable value is appropriate or not
  5. 05 whether the internal tax authorities approve the advanced
    pricing arrangement (APA) or not, or recognize the dutiable
    value determination method applied for or not

ACVA Procedure

  • STEP 01

    apply for a prior
    consultation in advance
    if necessary

  • STEP 02
    Application for
    Prior Examination

    base data for the
    method of determining
    the price of
    imported goods,
    such as the previous
    price policy or report,
    the contract, etc.

  • STEP 03

    1 year of examination

  • STEP 04
    Notification of
    Examination Results

    Upon the receipt of
    notification of
    examination results,
    the applicant notifies
    either agreement or
    to the results

  • STEP 05
    Issuance of Advanced

    Valid thorugh 3 years

  • STEP 06
    Submission of an
    Annual Report

    Submit an annual
    report to the
    KCS Headquarters
    every year.

Service Scope

  1. 01

    the influence on
    transaction prices
    between related
    parties before the
    ACVA application

  2. 02

    ACVA application

  3. 03

    Assist preparation
    for all supporting
    of the
    ACVA application

  4. 04

    Support annual
    report preparation
    post management
    ACVA approval