SEIN is growing into a group of world-class customs and trade experts.

Thank you for your interests in SEIN Customs and Auditing Corp.

SEIN refuses to be ordinary. SEIN was established to provide comprehensive
customs and trade services to changed business environment by expanding
the scope of business operations. SEIN has built trust in our clients by
providing the best export and import customs clearance and customs refund
services, while growing into a customs firm with a strong foundation. We
have been recognized as the most ideal and successful model of the
customs firm, by harmonizing the services of Customs Clearance Division
that carries out customs clearance and customs refunds, which are
traditional customs duties, and the services of Consulting Division that
carries out professional consulting tasks such as corporate review and
follow-up management, FTA, and AEO. In particular, by representing the
corporate audit, self-audit, investigations and appeals, SEIN is recognized
that it has pioneered a new frontier of consulting services on customs and

SEIN Customs and Auditing Corp., Korea’s top customs and trade expert group,
provides customs and trade consulting, customs clearance, and logistics
services with 13 main branches nationwide, including the headquarter in Seoul.
We provide the same level of quality services anywhere in the country by having
a practical direct office instead of simply using common name, providing the
competitiveness of our corporation.
In addition, SEIN is conducting a prompt and accurate customs clearance work
and has introduced the first C&D(Centralization and Decentralization) method in
line with the rapidly changing global trend and customs administration such as
post-management reinforcement. By integrating the support from the consulti-
ng and customs team of the Seoul headquarters and the dynamic field experi
ence of each branches, SEIN provides the best solutions for customs and trade
SEIN strives to provide high quality services in all areas of customs and trade, by
providing SCM services such as bonded warehouses and international transp-
ortation, through its subsidiary SEIN TNL, as well as professional consulting work,
export and import clearance, and customs refund services to minimize RISKs for
companies’ customs and trade, using our skills and reputation.

For those who fear change, there is no better tomorrow than today.
As the trade environment changes rapidly to the FTA system and as exporters and importers frequently experience customs and trade issues,
SEIN will do our best to grow into a group of world-class customs and trade experts based in Korea by providing a new
paradigm of advisory services in accordance with the environment in which higher levels of customs consulting are desperate.

  • Representative Certified Customs Agent
    SEO, Phil Soo
  • Representative Certified Customs Agent
    PARK, Byung Ho
  • Representative Certified Customs Agent
    LEE, Don Kyung
  • Representative Certified Customs Agent
    KIM, Du Cheon