SEIN Customs & Auditing Corp.

SEIN is the largest group of customs and trade experts in Korea, operating 13 direct branches including Seoul Headquarter, Incheon Airport branch, Incheon Port branch, Busan Port branch, and more branches nearby nation’s major airports, ports, and industrial complexes.
Our specialized consultants in each field, including those in import and export customs clearance using our own customs risk management solutions, carry out legal and practical advisory tasks in customs and trade, such as customs refund, FTA, AEO, customs audit and investigation, administrative request, and foreign exchange consulting. With more than 260 customs experts, SEIN will continue to work hard and work closest to our customers to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of service.

SEIN is leading changes.

We provide prompt and accurate customs clearance system, maximize customs
benefits with FTA preferential tariff, and enhance competitiveness of export companies
with customs refund consulting. Through various experiences in AEO and customs audit
consultings for a number of large companies in Korea, we provide specialized
consultations in customs and trade at all times.
In line with the changing and complex customs administration, instead of repetitive and
simple works that can cause human errors, we use our DB of accumulated know-how
and customs risk management system to predict possible risks from customs clearance
in advance and to significantly reduce the risk of errors through precise analysis of
various data.

SEIN is made up of
passionate experts.

Starting the nation’s first consulting services in customs industry, SEIN has pioneered
an ideal customs advisory market that is integrated with customs clearance, and has
formed and operated a specialized team for customs administration.

FTA team, AEO team, T/P team, HS laboratory, customs refund laboratory, food
quarantine laboratory, and requirement team have provided professional consulting
for domestic and overseas leading companies, earning the reputation of being the
best customs firm in Korea, not only in size but also in ability. With the best passionate
experts in the field, we are sure to solve any problems that our clients face.

Representing Korea,

SEIN will once again open a new era to which the customs firms should move,
in a rapidly changing trade environment.

This is the way to repay the trust our clients have given us,
and we will keep doing our best.

Complying to CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s production and sales activities, which pursues benefits for the entire community, including environmental management, ethical management, social contribution, and overall local community including workers simultaneously, and the company's decision makings and activities accordingly.

Followings are the examples of corporate social responsibility:
- Pursuing social purposes, such as providing jobs and social services to the vulnerable
- Reinvestment of the performance of business activities and revenue in the social objectives
- Use of profits generated through sales activities to invest in the business itself or the local community for social purposes.
- Through this, companies are enabled to create sustained performance in terms of economy, environment, and society, thereby enhancing sustainable corporate value.

SEIN Customs & Auditing Corp complies with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) in accordance with ISO 26000, the international standard for social responsibility management, and guides all organizations that constitute society – such as governments, enterprises, public institutions, schools, hospitals, religious organizations, unions, and non-profit organizations – to shoulder social responsibility related to governance, human rights, employment, fair management, consumer issues, environment, and community contributions for their stakeholders.